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Fashion blogger Camille Co writes about KOR Vessels

Fashion blogger Camille Co writes about KOR Vessels

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I’ve never been more enthusiastic about a non-fashion related product than this. A few weeks back, I received not one, but 2 amazing goodies.

These are recyclable water bottles made by American brand, KOR. Instead of refilling plastic water bottles repeatedly (which are unhealthy) and disposing of them everyday (adding to pollution and landfills), KOR’s founders designed these hydration vessels to promote sustainable hydration. All KOR vessels are BPA-free and phthalate-free. (To those unfamiliar, “BPA is a chemical commonly used to make polycarbonate plastics and has been linked to a variety of health issues, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, cancer and early onset of puberty.”) Instead, KOR makes use of health-safe materials such as Eastman Tritan™ and food-grade stainless steel, which make these vessels sturdy, odorless and tasteless. No more “araw” smell or that awful smell of melted plastic.

Personally, aside from the facts I’ve mentioned above, what I love most about KOR is its thoughtful design. It’s not just stylish but extremely functional too. You see I’m the kind of person who can’t go out without bringing along a water bottle. I bring my water bottle with me to work, to the gym or in the car, so it’s really helpful that all Kor bottles have handles on them, not to mention handles that are integrated so well into the design! And because I bring my water bottle with me everywhere, it also helps that KOR vessels are leak-proof and spill-proof. No more bags getting ruined or butts getting wet haha! KOR’s innovative hinged cap and threadless spout are designed to prevent just that.

Another cool thing about KOR are the KOR Stones™. “KOR Stones™ are disc-shaped inserts printed on a treeless waterproof paper that fit inside the cap of KOR ONE and KOR Delta vessels. They’re a way to personalize your vessel and a reminder of what’s important to you. You can put anything you like on a Stone™ — a phrase that inspires you, the name of a loved one, your company’s logo, even a picture. Once a Stone™ is inserted, it becomes visible inside the cap so every time you take a drink, you’ll have a private moment with your Stone™.” Take a look at mine. Mine says “Imagine” and “Be the change”.

LeSportsac Toki Doki bag | KOR Delta 500 mL size in orange (price: P1350) and KOR One 750 mL size in pink (price: P1700)

I know that KOR hydration vessels are quite pricey compared to others. But you have to consider how much more functional, durable and healthier they are too. In the long run, you’re actually saving more because you don’t have to keep buying new water bottles. Plus, you’re helping reduce environmental impact too. KOR also donates 1% of all sales to a select group of non-profits that focus on water-related issues.

Since I’ve switched to KOR, there’s not one person who didn’t ask me where I got my bottle. I’ve never used any other bottle that is more convenient and stylish than KOR. This is my HONEST opinion.

If you do decide to get one, you’re not in bad company either. Gwyneth Paltrow, Iron Man Tony Stark, David Beckham, Oprah, Hilary Duff, Kate Walsh and Rajo Laurel are just some of the celebrities who support KOR.

To order or simply browse through other designs, visit Purple Tag or their Facebook page. For the list of their branches, click here. You can also reach them at 0916-4822246 or email them at

For more info about KOR, visit


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