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If you've been reading my blog for a while you know that I abhor the consumption of "mineral" water in disposable plastic bottles. I've written about it many times. In the mid-90's I saw an incinerator in Boracay. They were burning plastic water bottles. Photo here. I hope that practise has stopped.

So everyday, I "baon" my own water from home. And so do the kids. It was a welcome surprise when Kor Hydration Vessel sent me some samples to review. So here goes -

About the product:
Made from BPA-free Tritan, health-safe materials
Hinged cap for easy open and close (no cap to hold when drinking!
Thread-less, perfect sized spout (unlike screw-on caps, you won't feel like you're drinking from a water hose)
Does not retain or impart flavors; there's no "metal" or "plastic" taste
Easily fit ice cubes in spout
Easy carry handle and soft bottom
Dishwasher safe (top–rack)
Includes 4 KOR Stones in cap for personalization
Capacity: 750 mL (25 ounces)
Size: 11.5" tall, 3.4" wide
Reusable and recyclable
Made by Nypro in their Monterrey, Mexico environmentally certified plant.

I like the size- 25 ounces! Big enough for a whole day's needs. But too big to hook on to a bicycle. Perfect if your bike has a basket though. A smaller 500 ml version Kor Delta will be available soon. Those, my kids could use. I like how easily the cap opens. No more twisting, just a little press then it snaps open. It also comes in four colours that stand for four different environmental causes. Needless to say, it's BPA-free. I love the handle on top as well - you can carry the bottle like a handbag. See Hilary Duff's photo below.

The info says it's perfect for ice cubes. Unfortunately my ice cubes are made manually and they don't fit into the spout. But that's okay. My TCM therapist told me to stay away from iced drinks because it isn't good for my bones and nerves.

Each colour represents an environmental cause. 1% of the purchase will go to that cause. Green is for Watershed Protection, blue for Ocean Protection, etc.

Featured in Gwyneth's GOOP. And also in Oprah.

Hilary Duff uses it.

iron man
So cool, even Ironman used it.

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